Frank Fischer has moved to the supervisory board


Frank Fischer has resigned from the managing board. Afterwards he was elected a member of the supervisory board by the shareholders’ meeting 2013.

Dr. Thomas Engels was appointed the new Chairman of the supervisory board


The NewEase AG welcomes Dr. Thomas Engels as her new Chairman of the supervisory board and would like to thank his resigned predecessor, Dr. Dieter Steiner, for his great engagement.


The NewEase AG was founded on 2012 July 17th in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Margret Kreutz
Lutz Strenger
DS Mentoring GmbH
Frank Fischer
Roland Wienen

Executive Board:

Roland Wienen (CEO)
Frank Fischer (COO)

Supervisory Board:

Dr. Dieter Steiner (Chairman)
Tobias Salzig
Thomas Ludwig Uhl

Foundation of the NewEase AG on 2012 July 17th in Düsseldorf, Germany